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How Does Winter Weather Affect Asphalt?

Monday, November 30th, 2015
cracked asphalt

Winter weather can have an adverse effect on your asphalt.

In the winter months, unpredictable and frigid weather can take a toll on asphalt. The constant freezing and thawing can lead to asphalt cracks and other damages. Many external forces can effect the integrity of asphalt and are important to consider, as they lead to the necessity of asphalt repair.

The Effects Of Cold Weather On Asphalt

Very cold and low temperatures, which are common in winter can cause asphalt to contract, which results in asphalt cracks. This weakens the asphalt significantly and reduces the life expectancy of the surface. This makes cold weather asphalt repair invaluable to maintaining the integrity of the surface. (more…)

Winterizing Your Lawn Mower

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Gas-powered mowers and trimmers are subjected to a lot of wear and tear over the warmer months. This makes lawn mower care at both the beginning and end of the season integral to keeping their parts functional. These tips make winterizing lawn equipment simple.


Make sure your lawn mower is ready for Spring!

Empty The Gas Tank

Unused gas left in a mower during the winter has a tendency to get stale, which jams up the carburetor and can cause rust. To start, add some fuel to the stabilizer tank, then run the mower briefly. Turn off the mower and give the engine time to cool, then siphon the gas into a clean can so you can reuse it. Restart the mower and run it until it stops. Repeat this process until the engine doesn’t start and the fuel lines are empty. (more…)

Types of Snow Removal for Maryland Residents

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The East Coast is known for fairly mild weather in the winter, but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature won’t hit us with a big snowstorm from time to time.

snow removal maryland

Snow removal in Maryland is important to keep up with.

Snow removal, if you run a commercial property, is a huge issue. You need to make sure the conditions are safe so that employees and customers can safely enter your property. What types of snow removal are there?

Snow Relocation and Parking Lot Snow Removal Services

Even if snow is removed from the walkway of a business or a few parking spots are cleared, the snow still needs to go somewhere so that it doesn’t accumulate. The employees of your commercial property obviously don’t have the tools or experience for proper snow removal and snow relocation. When dealing with difficult winter weather and snowstorms, you have to account for the fact that the snow is going to keep falling. That’s why, it’s important to work with an experienced snow removal service. An experienced snow removal service like Atlantic Maintenance Group won’t just start randomly dumping piles of snow. We use our years of experience and planning to identify the safest place to pile the excess snow so that you can continue business as uninterrupted as possible. (more…)

Types of Retaining Walls and Their Uses

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Say goodbye to landslides and hello to retaining walls. What is a retaining wall you may ask? A retaining wall is a structure which can be added to your yard to hold soil in place.  This is important if you have a yard which is not level and slopes and even more important if you have a pool or driveway which you don’t want filled with soil after a heavy rain!   Occasionally, retaining walls are built to give a home a better aesthetic appeal.

retaining walls gravity retaining

Retaining walls add curb appeal and are very useful to your home.

Whether you choose a retaining wall for structural aid or just to create an overall curb appeal, it is important to do your homework and research the various kinds to determine which is the best suited for your needs.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Most retaining walls are gravity retaining which depends on the weight of the material used to resist the pressure from the soil behind.  They often may require anchoring to the ground depending on the desired height of the wall.  Gravity retaining walls can be made out of the following materials: (more…)

Fire Features Heat Up Your Fall Nights

Thursday, November 5th, 2015
fire feature, fire pit

A fire feature provides a centralized, warm place for friends and family to congregate as night falls and temperatures decrease.

Don’t abandon your backyard just because of the cool weather creeping in! If you want to get the most out of your backyard, deck, or patio, consider adding a crackling fire pit or stony fireplace to your landscaping this season. Need to be convinced? Read on to find out your options.

Fire Features Keep the Party Going

The first sign of the leaves changing color doesn’t have to herald the end of outdoor party season. A fire feature like a fire pit or fireplace allows you to prolong your outdoor fun. A fire feature provides a centralized, warm place for friends and family to congregate as night falls and temperatures decrease. Use your new fire feature as an excuse to host a party – s’mores and other campfire goodies can be cooked over a fire pit or fireplace to great effect! (more…)

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