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How to Weed Control Starting in Early Spring

Friday, February 26th, 2021
weed control
Spring showers bring weed flowers like dandelions, so weed control needs to be done as early as possible.

Today marks one of the last days of February, and with gardens soon returning to full bloom in late March, a need for weed control is now back in full swing. Spring is the season of frequent rainstorms to let all of the flowers, trees, and plants know that it’s time to come out of dormancy for the new warmer weather. Unfortunately, this also applies to annoying weeds that tend to take up so much space from our wanted plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Weeds not only look ugly, but they also take up valuable nutrients and resources from the soil and sun from your other plants and grass. Here are some weed control tips you can start early to prevent your garden or lawn from becoming overrun by weeds come proper springtime. 


Why Paving a Concrete Patio is No DIY Project

Friday, February 19th, 2021
Paving is no easy task to do by yourself. Here are some reasons why paving your concrete patio should be left to the experts.
Paving a new patio is not an easy task for an average person.
Make sure to leave it to the experts.

Everyone wants to try and save money in any way they can, and so they might give paving their own concrete patio ago. However, this may end up being much more costly than hiring a professional service in more ways than one. DIY projects are perfect for smaller end projects, like building a birdhouse out of scrapwood or a wooden trellis surrounding the patio area as an accent. But concrete paving is no easy task to do by yourself. Here are some reasons why paving your concrete patio should be left to the experts. 


Landscaping Tips to Keep Out Unwanted Pests

Thursday, February 11th, 2021
Spring is just around the corner, which means troublesome insects will soon return from hibernation. Here are a few natural landscaping tips to keep the bugs away.
Stinkbugs are one annoying consequence of spring. Keep them away using these landscaping tips.

Although they might be dormant right now, spring is just around the corner, which means the troublesome enemies of landscaping will be back soon. Soon we will see the return of caterpillars, stinkbugs, and other annoying pests that can ruin your springtime barbeque experience. But don’t lose hope yet, for you can retaliate in any war. Here are some small but effective landscaping tips to help to defend your yard against pesky insects.


Snow Removal: Why Hire a Professional

Thursday, February 4th, 2021
Professional Snow Removal Atlantic Maintenance Group
Hardworking professional snow removers are trained to prevent injuries to themselves and others. 

Many states in America like Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania got hit with a snowstorm last week, and now there is an increased demand for snow removal. Snow causes a lot of problems both in the working and domestic world. It blocks roads, driveways, and building entrances and creates dangerous conditions to walk and drive on. Many go-getters will opt to simply try and remove the snow from their own yards or businesses. But there are plenty of reasons why snow removal should be left to professionals. Here are some reasons why removing snow yourself may not be as easy as you think. 

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