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Four Landscape Pruning Tips to Accentuate Your Yard

Thursday, March 25th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group landscape pruning md
Having landscape pruning done at the right time can keep your plants in nice shape for longer.

Spring is in full swing in Maryland, and more and more people are spending their days outdoors. The weather is less frosty and sunnier, but with this change comes more rain. Rain is plant food and causes them to grow rapidly, and shrubs and bushes are no exception. If left unchecked for too long, a bush or shrub can totally overtake the yard! This is why it is important to periodically perform landscape pruning. Landscape pruning is essential to making your property and lawn look inviting and well kept. It also helps to keep your curb appeal up to show off to the neighbors. Here are four landscape pruning tips to help keep those shrubs shapely and sculpted.


How Good Landscaping Design Helps Sell Your Home

Thursday, March 18th, 2021

After much deliberation, it’s now time to sell your home. You’ve had a good run in the house you’ve lived in for so long, but it’s time to move onto new adventures. The first step in getting a house real-estate ready is to equip the property with the latest trendy technologies and style, and landscaping design is no different. Here are a few ways that landscaping design enhances your property for the market to get that “SOLD” sign up as quickly as possible. 


Why is Spring Asphalt Maintenance so Significant?

Thursday, March 11th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group asphalt maryland winter spring
Since these icy days are hopefully behind us, the season of asphalt maintenance is here.

This past week in central Maryland, we enjoyed some gorgeous weather, approaching 70 degrees! This is a clear sign that Spring 2021 is indeed on its way after a lonely winter during a pandemic. This good weather means it’s the time of year to do some asphalt maintenance. This is because winter weather can do some detrimental damage to asphalt. Here are a few reasons why winter brings the need for asphalt maintenance in the spring. 


Custom Landscaping Services: Six Reasons to Invest

Friday, March 5th, 2021
Here are six reasons to invest in custom landscaping services for your home.
Custom landscaping services are a great way to make your property full of unique features.

A beautiful home deserves landscaping surrounding it that is just as beautiful. That can be hard to accomplish, however. Creating the perfect landscape takes a designer’s eye, gardening know-how, and of course time and physical ability. Many people don’t have the ability to make it happen, and even if they did, they’d rather spend the time enjoying the landscape than creating it. There’s no shame in letting the professionals handle your custom landscaping projects. In fact, here are six reasons to invest in custom landscaping services for your home.

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