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The Role of Water in Garden and Landscaping Care

Thursday, June 24th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group landscaping care
Water is an essential part of landscaping care!

Water comprises the vast majority of the Earth, and every living organism is primarily composed of it. Every living thing relies on water in some shape or form to survive, and plants are probably the most obvious example. Plants need lots of water to grow and thrive; without it, they will quickly wilt and die. As such, keeping your garden landscaping care up will require a lot of water, especially in the upcoming humid hot months of July and August here in Maryland. In order to maintain proper landscaping care, it’s important to understand the role water plays in everyday life and the design of your landscaping. Want to learn more specifics on how water affects your garden? Read this blog for help.


How Cicadas Affect Landscaping

Thursday, June 17th, 2021
Atlantic maintenance group landscaping
Cicadas are both good and bad for landscaping, but in totally unexpected ways!

You’ve probably witnessed some pretty strange things happening around central Maryland over the last few weeks: huge orange and black bugs flying everywhere, a rather irritating and loud humming noise, and maybe even some of your pets have been sneaking out to grab a once in a lifetime snack! (Yuck!) This is all thanks to the 17-year cicada. Now, the cicadas are reaching the end of their lifespans and are starting to die off in mass quantities. The Brood X cicadas may be on their way out for the next 17 years, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t affected the landscaping of your home. Here are some ways that Brood-X cicadas have affected your landscaping, both good and bad. 


Why Dead Tree Removal is Important

Thursday, June 10th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group tree removal
Having tree removal done of dead trees is very important to keep your surroundings safe.

Normally, we love our trees. They are not only beautiful for the surrounding environment, but they are good for the Earth, a renewable resource, and they bring some much-needed natural shade in the hot summer months. However, trees are living beings as much as people are, and they too will eventually die. Plants can succumb to disease, poor water quality, pest infestation, or even old age. While trees are naturally resistant on some levels, too much will overpower them, and they will die. Dead trees are not just an unsightly eyesore; they actually pose quite a few dangers not only to properties but also to physical safety. Here’s why tree removal of dead trees should be a priority for any nearby property owner.


How Does Mulching Work?

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021
atlantic maintenance group mulching
Mulching has so many benefits to landscaping and garden-keeping.

Mulch — a source of contention for many homeowners. In fact, there is so much to understand about mulch. The reality is, it is difficult to decide what type of mulch is best for your lawn. But there are some key ways to better understand the different types of mulch out there and which are best suited for your needs. Here is a super helpful guide to understanding the nuances associated with mulching and the health of your lawn.

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