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3 Benefits Of Lawn Winterization

3 Benefits Of Lawn Winterization Atlantic Maintenance Group
Applying a late winterizer is one of the most acceptable ways for us to ensure that the aesthetics of your lawn are retained.

Lawn winterization is the process of applying late fall fertilizer to your turf to survive the harsh winter. Here are the top three main benefits of using a lawn winterizer. 

Helps Your Lawn Store Food For The Winter

Did you know that in the fall, the growth of winter grasses reaches its peak? This is why it is necessary to feed your lawn with all of the nutrients it requires. Examples of the elements found in a lawn winterizer are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Potassium is especially crucial throughout the winter months since it is needed for energy production and nutrient distribution throughout the grass. In addition, the strength of your grassroots will improve as a result of adding potassium in the fall, allowing the grass to better prepare for inactivity.

Encourages Rooting & Growth In The Spring

Applying a late lawn winterizer is one of the most acceptable ways for us to ensure that the aesthetics of your lawn are retained. When grass is fed with sufficient nutrients before the winter, it grows back considerably more quickly in the spring. The grass might also regrow thicker and fuller than it was the previous season. It’s worth repeating that cold-season grasses, like Kentucky BlueGrass, thrive best in the fall. Because cool-season grasses do not produce at their best in the spring, the fall fertilizer offers them a head start in the spring.

Prevent Diseases

Even though fewer microorganisms may survive the winter season, many pathogenic microbes survive the cold weather. Pathogens can grow in specific winter conditions, not only because the grassroots are active. For instance, brown patch prefers the wet conditions that the cooler months bring. Improving the grasses’ immunity through fertilization is critical to prevent your lawn from becoming a host to these illnesses.

Your grass is most likely to be able to fight infections when it is at its healthiest. This is because grasses employ their carbohydrates and sugars to strengthen their roots in preparation for spring. This is also why fertilizer is perfect for fresh seedlings since it promotes root development. In the winter, disease-prone grass plants are most vulnerable, but winterizing your lawn can help seedlings as well as adult grasses.

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