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3 Bugs That Will Ruin Your Landscape

landscaping bugs

Now that the weather is getting warmer, more bugs are crawling out of their holes and preparing for the summer.

The safety of winter is over.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, more bugs are crawling out of their holes and preparing for the summer.  Soon, we’ll be overrun with beetles, insects and other creepy crawlies that appear harmless to most of us.  We may be afraid of them, but we should be afraid for our lawns.  Bugs can do a number on well-kept landscapes; it’s not always entirely clear which bugs you should look out for, and which ones you should ignore.  Read on to make sure you aren’t losing your lawn to these critters.

1. Sod-webworms


To anyone who cares deeply about their lawn, these worms are the enemy.  You may see birds feeding in one specific area, or small patches of dead grass.  If you pull away the debris, you may also see holes in the soil where these guys like to burrow.  They can’t entirely destroy a lawn, but they can be a bit of a nuisance for those who are perfectionists.  Search for an insect repellant that won’t harm your lawn and get rid of them ASAP.


2. Aphids


Though they may seem small and harmless, aphids will chew on your trees like their own personal buffet.  And while they eat, they excrete a sticky, sweet substance which pollinators are attracted to.  This means hornets and wasps might pay you a visit if your aphid population is too large.  Aphids require a bit more of a professional touch–contact an insect professional before you move forward with any drastic measures to eliminate them.


3. Turf mites


Drying on your lawn may not be from winter’s colder air.  It could be because of turf mites feeding on it, killing the grass.  These guys like evergreen trees and sloping land.  They can be incredibly destructive, especially for those with bluegrass lawns.  Keep an eye out!  Warmer days make them more active.


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