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3 Features to Enhance Your Property’s Outdoor Area

Commercial Outdoor Area

Turn your outdoor area into a usable part of your property and make it go to work for your business!

The last few weeks have been all over the place in terms of weather, but the warmer days have probably gotten you thinking about your commercial property’s outdoor area. Providing your employees and guests with outdoor space can be highly beneficial for their productivity, reduce their overall levels of stress, and positively contribute to your company culture. From cozy, shaded seating with Wi-Fi to bocce ball courts, you can repurpose your landscape features to fit many different goals for your company. Today’s trends for revitalizing an outdoor area are focused on making it a place for meeting and being social. Here are 3 features you should consider for your commercial property.

1. Bocce Ball and Cornhole

Giving employees an outdoor area where they can take a play break boosts morale and builds up stronger teams. Leisure spaces are quickly becoming a selling point for many startups and your company can take advantage of this fact as well! Consider putting in a bocce ball court to help boost morale. Or provide the space and materials for that quintessential game that all Marylanders enjoy outside – cornhole!

2. Shade Structures

The Mid-Atlantic area can get a little hot during the summer, so a great way to encourage your team to head outdoors is giving them a cool space to relax or work. If your commercial property doesn’t have a natural canopy, shade structures can be a great way to add this cool space. From pergola structures to sail-like covers made of canvas, these shade structures can be designed to blend in with your building or company’s aesthetic.

3. Fire Pits/Water Features

Think of the kinds of features that make a residential backyard a great meeting spot for guests. In all likelihood, you probably thought of fire pits and waterfalls, right? These features can easily be adapted and put to the same use in a commercial setting as well. Fire pits are a great place to have an employee cookout or brainstorming session, while water features such as fountains can promote a relaxing atmosphere.

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