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3 Indicators of Tree Disease

Tree Disease Indicators
Tree disease can strike at any time. Learn to recognize some of the signs below!

Trees add immense beauty to any property. If you have a tree that hasn’t been looking so great lately, it may be diseased in some way. Here are some common signs of tree disease, and some care and prevention tips.

Leaf Rust

If the leaves of a tree have gold, orange, or red spots, it may have leaf rust. While this does not usually kill an otherwise healthy tree, it can make it weaker as it interferes with the photosynthesis process, which is how plants feed from sunlight. Any tree species can get this rust and has a strain that is specific to it. Leaf rust can infest both leaves and twigs.  It shows itself with dry and distorted leaves and a fungal powder-like residue. Leaf rust rarely causes long-term trouble for a tree and doesn’t require control measures.

Fire Blight

Fire blight makes a tree look as if a portion of it has burned by fire. It is most prominent in warm, humid weather and is spread by bes, rain, and infected pruning tools. Because it can spread so easily, it is important to prune away affected branches as soon as you see them. Cut the branches one foot beyond the discolered area and destroy the infected branches. Make sure you thoroughly disinfect your pruning shears to prevent any further spreading

Powdery Mildew

During highly humid and cloudy weather you may notice a white coating forming on leaf surfaces. This is a sign of powdery mildew. It can distort leaves and cause them to turn red or yellow and drop to the ground. If you notice this tree disease in your property plant mildew resistant trees and shrubs. Several fungicides are also available.

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