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3 Lawn Care Tips to Keep in Mind this Summer

Lawn Care Tips

Keep your grass looking green all summer long with these helpful lawn care tips!

Summer is one of the most notoriously tricky times to keep your lawn looking great, as long periods of sun and a shortage of water can combine for faded, burnt-looking, or unattractive lawns. If you are ready to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful this summer, here are three of our top lawn care tips.

Let It Grow

In the summer, it’s important to let your grass grown! Keep your lawn cut at a length of 3 inches or higher. If you go shorter, your soil will be placed at risk and you will see increased weed growth, disease formation, and dry-looking grass. If you are tempted to go shorter, resist the temptation!

Get Your Soil Tested

Soil testing isn’t just important for more complicated landscaping, it’s also important for lawn care. Grass that is thin, patchy, or unattractive might be doing poorly as a result of the soil composition. A soil test, done professionally, can pinpoint any problems within your soil and develop recommendations to remedy them. Treatments and additives can be placed in your soil and then, once given time to settle, your soil can be re-tested for improvement.

Do the Right Thing

Last but not least, make sure that you are completing all of the suggested lawn care treatments throughout the year. Your summer lawn actually starts in the fall with proper aeration, seeding, and dressing. If you neglected to take care of your lawn in the fall, there isn’t much that can be done to fix it by the time that summer rolls around months later. If you only do one or two lawn care steps, make sure that aeration is one of them.

Summer Landscaping Care from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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