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3 Signs of Soil Erosion

3 Signs of Soil Erosion

You might not be able to spot soil erosion when you see it.

You might not be able to spot soil erosion when you see it. When it comes to taking care of your landscape this might be one of the most difficult problems to deal with, but you don’t need to worry! With the team of experts at Atlantic Maintenance Group on your side, you’ll be able to find the signs of soil erosion and put a stop to them! 

Bald Patches 

Your landscape shouldn’t be balding. If it is, then it is a sign of soil erosion. Yes, it is true that your lawn and grass will wilt because of the cold weather, but even so, it should never get out of control. If nothing can grow on a certain spot, including trees, then that is a dead giveaway of what is wrong. It might be time to test the soil, especially if you see the soil begin to form clumps and piles for no apparent reason. 

You Can See the Rocks 

Some rocks being visible is normal. But in general, you shouldn’t be able to see any rocks that are normally found underground. After all, these obstacles can make walking paths more difficult to cross. This is another unfortunate sign that you are dealing with soil erosion. 

Roots Remain 

At some point, the roots will start to poke out of the ground. This is another troubling sign. After all, the roots are supposed to stay deep inside the earth. That’s their job. It’s likely that the roots have dried out, in which case adding water will help them thrive again. The topsoil could also be damaged or removed by windstorms, rain, sleet, or human and animal interference. Take a minute to think about the possible reasons why the roots supporting your landscape are now exposed. Soil erosion is easy enough to fix – you just need to know why it is happening

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