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3 Things to Think About Before You Plant Your Next Tree

3 Things to Think About Before You Plant Your Next Tree

Planting a new tree helps the environment.

Planting a new tree helps the environment. It also helps boost the curb appeal of homes and businesses. But before you start your latest landscaping project, there are some factors you will have to keep in mind. Right now, let’s go into more detail about what those might be. 

What is the Tree For? 

First of all, consider the purpose of the tree. This is more than a thought experiment. What is the reason for the new tree being planted where it is? Are you looking for more shade? You’ll also need to think about the species that the tree belongs to, and how big it will get once it is fully grown. On top of all that, you will have to make sure there is enough room for the tree’s canopy to grow. There also needs to be enough space between the canopy and any nearby structures.

What Utilities Are Around You?

Tree roots are known to invade the spaces around pipes and plumbing that are buried underground. Power lines can also get caught in tree branches, which is why you need to consider the utilities located around your building. To find out more information, you’ll need to get in touch with local county authorities or utility companies to help you determine what’s beneath your little plot of land.

Will the Tree Litter?

It’s fun to jump in a pile of leaves after they have been raked. Most trees drop their leaves in the fall before winter comes and they spend the next few months dormant. The last question you’ll have to ask yourself is if the tree will litter. How much litter can you expect? That’s a follow-up question that most people never think to address until it’s too late. Fruit trees can injure people and pets who don’t realize something is about to fall on them! 

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