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3 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Winter Landscape

3 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Winter Landscape

Take some time and read through our excellent tips on how to improve your home’s landscape this winter.

Are you dreading the thought of the oncoming snowstorms as winter approaches? Or are you excited at the prospect of your neighborhood becoming a winter wonderland? Either way, your landscape won’t stand a chance if you don’t manage it correctly. Take some time and read through our excellent tips on how to improve your home’s landscape this winter.

Barking Up the Right Tree

Trees will lose their leaves once the cold is on its way. These trees, for those not in the know, are called deciduous trees. Once this happens, tree branches, limbs, and trunks can take their place as exciting focal points across your landscape, instead. Try experimenting and playing around with different types of trees, such as dogwoods. Birch trees are another great idea, since they also stand out well against the new snow.

A Berry Good Time

You might not think of berries as a part of your home’s winter landscape. Most everything else is frozen, right? But if you’ve been stuck with that notion, just let it go. If you have the right combination of trees in your yard along with bushes dotting your winter landscape, you might be in for a treat. The berries on these trees and shrubs can survive the high winds and harsh frosts of late fall and early winter. And these berries will draw in birds who have decided to stick around instead of flying south.

Your Hardscape Helps

Ever wonder why landscaping and hardscaping are often mentioned in the same breath? That’s because they go together as well as eggnog and gingerbread cookies. Don’t forget that your hardscape can help protect and preserve your winter landscape elements. Planning on making a huge display for the holidays? You won’t get far without the right hardscapes. Benches, trellises, and even sculptures in your garden can become delightful points of interest once the ice and snow arrive.

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