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3 Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Landscape and Save Money

atlantic maintenance group enhance your commercial landscape

One of the ways to enhance your commercial landscape is finding the right turf.

Do you want to enhance your commercial landscape and save money simultaneously? Fortunately, there are a few things that commercial property owners or managers can complete to improve their properties and save money.

Find the Right Turf to Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

It will help research the ideal turf for your commercial property if you are currently developing your property. Otherwise, it would be worth examining the costs of changing your turf over time to establish the return on your investment with your existing property.

Identify Your Seasonal Color and Perennials

Additionally, most commercial property managers enjoy seasonal colors, but some cannot afford to take on additional maintenance costs. So, there are two solutions to enhance your commercial landscape:

  • Pinpoint the location of your current seasonal color. Is it improving your commercial landscape? Or is it located in the back of the property with low visibility?
  • Also, does your property have additional annuals than it needs? In some cases, perennials can replace the seasonal color and give you the same results. They will also need half the fertilizer, water, and routine maintenance compared to annuals.

Implement Healthy Trees in Your Commercial Property

Furthermore, trees can significantly contribute to your heating and cooling costs. Look at the trees on your commercial property as an investment. Also, protect the trees’ health as you would the rest of your plants. In addition, work with your commercial landscape maintenance contractor to find a solution to minimize your cooling costs.

Manage Your Water Usage Smartly

Moreover, enhance your commercial landscape by following these four changes:

  • Inspect your existing water pressure and install a pressure reducing valve if it’s necessary
  • You must have a rain sensor if you have an irrigation system. Moreover, the sensor will not turn on during a rain event, thus, saving more of your irrigated water use.
  • Also, upgrade an irrigation head if it’s more than 15 years old.
  • Lastly, analyze your system to determine the best controller for your commercial property.

All of Your Landscaping and Asphalt Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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