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4 Great Elements to Add to Your Commercial Landscaping

4 Great Elements to Add to Your Commercial Landscaping

Quality commercial landscaping is so much more than putting some plants around your business.

Quality commercial landscaping is so much more than putting some plants around your business. Your commercial landscape can set the mood for your business, increase your curb appeal, and in some cases, lower your energy bills. There are endless possibilities of elements you can add to your commercial landscaping, these are just a couple of them

Hi-Tech Irrigation

Technology is constantly evolving. Newer irrigation systems are designed to keep your plants healthy while still conserving water. These systems are good for the environment because they only use the water that is absolutely necessary. This is also what makes them cost-effective as well. The latest systems include drip irrigation systems that put the water right where it needs to go, rain sensors that cut down on unnecessary watering, and more advanced controls that can adapt to different weather conditions to keep your commercial landscaping looking great, no matter the weather.

Green Roof

More and more business owners are looking for ways they can be more environmentally friendly. One popular “green” trend is the green roof. This is when a roof is partially to completely covered with vegetation and plant life. These roofs absorb water, reduce heat loss and energy consumption, and provide insulation.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lush, vibrant commercial landscape with minimal maintenance? A lot of commercial property owners are switching to drought tolerant plants for a heartier, lower maintenance landscape. Lavender, Salvia, and Russian Sage will all add lots of beauty and color without needing a ton of water.

Customized LED Lighting

Lush plant life is great for adding appeal during the day, but what about after hours? Even if your business is closed, your commercial landscape can still attract customers. LED lighting will brighten and modernize your commercial landscaping. There are many style and color options available. Illuminate pathways and stairs with strips of LEDs. Use a spotlight to highlight a sign telling everyone that your business is there.

Atlantic Maintenance Group Wants to Be Your Landscaping Contractor

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