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4 Reasons to Consider Fall Planting

4 Reasons to Consider Fall Planting

While you might think spring and summer are the best times for it gardening, here’s why you shouldn’t overlook fall planting!

You might think that spring and summer are the best times for planting your plants, leaving the fall for harvest time. Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong. But you shouldn’t overlook the advantages of doing some planting during the fall, either. Here are four of our favorite reasons to consider fall planting.

Warmer Soil

Believe it or not, the soil is actually warmer in the fall. Especially with the spring-like temperatures that have lingered well into October, now may be an even better time to plant than in March. Fall planting is going to need warmer soil, since the weather is supposed to be cooling down as winter comes closer with each passing day. Roots can move more quickly and efficiently, settling in to absorb even more nutrients even as the plants they support on the surface begin to die or go into dormancy for the colder months of the year.

Less Heat Stress

The scorching temperatures of summer can cause your plants to wilt and die an early death. Also, if you’re looking to move and replant your trees or shrubs, fall planting is your best bet. During this season, the presumably cooler air provides relief from the heat stress that your plants probably encountered all summer long.

Grass Grows

It may not be the most exciting thing in the world to watch, but when grass grows, you should be excited. If you never put down sod during the spring or the summer, never fear. Whether it is simple sod or grass seed that you’re laying down, the fall is the best time for planting them. Cooler temperatures and warmed-up soil are ideal conditions for your grass to thrive.

Flower Bulbs

The lovely flowers that blaze into bloom during the warmer months have to start somewhere. With fall planting, you can ensure that flower bulbs have more time to prepare for their spectacular show once the first spring thaw comes and warmth encourages the flowers to wake up and smell the sunshine. Pansies and violas will last despite winter’s chill. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus are bulbs that can survive all winter, too.

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