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Concrete Maintenance: 4 Simple Steps

4 Simple Steps For Your Concrete Maintenance Atlantic Maintenance Group
. As a result, you should regularly clean leaves, debris, grass, and any other form of dirt that may fall on your concrete.

Despite the fact that concrete will always crack, proper concrete maintenance can delay if not prevent concrete damages and cracks. Concrete has numerous uses, which include but are not limited to making driveways and patios. Nevertheless, maintaining your concrete lengthens its lifespan, makes the compound neat and attractive to the eye. Fortunately, the procedure for taking care of your concrete is simple, and nearly everyone can grasp it. Here is how you should maintain your concrete. 

Concrete Maintenance and Regular Cleaning

Even though concrete is durable, its durability is affected by dirt. Besides, dirt on your surrounding will paint you as disorganized and untidy. As a result, you should regularly clean leaves, debris, grass, and any other form of dirt that may fall on your concrete. Cleaning the dirt prevents it from rotting or germinating in small cracks. You can clean the concrete by blowing off or just sweeping the dirt at least once a week. 

Cleaning Up Spills

Whenever you spot some spills on your concrete, clean them up instantly to avoid stains. Cleaning spills also leave your concrete looking attractive. Examples of common spills are oils, grease, and paints. When cleaning the spills, you may require an appropriate solvent depending on the spill, but most stains can be cleaned using soap and water. 

Apply Concrete Sealer

Be sure to apply topical concrete sealer after a year or two. Sealers cushion your concrete from stains and exterior damage. Consequently, sealers will help maintain the original concrete color, thus retaining its look and attractiveness. Tip: To put on the sealer, follow these steps:

  • Clean the concrete thoroughly to any dirt
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the sealer application
  • Give the sealer some time to dry before using the concrete. Warm days are ideal for applying concrete sealers.

Restrict Heavyweights

As much as concrete is strong and reliable, it is made with different specifications. For instance, residential concrete may not withstand heavyweight vehicles such as trucks and huge lorries. In that regard, you restrict heavyweight vehicles from your concrete compound. Similarly, you should inquire from the manufacturer if you want concretes that can endure heavyweight before purchasing.

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