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4 Spring Lawn Care Tips to Maintain a Healthy Yard


A lush and thriving lawn can vastly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Caring for your lawn in the spring is essential if you want to maintain a healthy landscape throughout the summer season ahead. If you fail to care for your yard, the grass and weeds could become diseased and appear unsightly. This gives neighbors and passersby a poor impression of your property. Make the most of your outdoor space and practice these four spring lawn care tips if you want to maintain a lush and thriving landscape.

Assess Your Lawn for Pests and Diseases

Grass comes out of dormancy in the spring months, making it incredibly vulnerable to pests and diseases – especially if you didn’t practice winter lawn care. The melted snow and ice from the harsh winter behind us could have contributed to fungus and mold growth on your lawn. You should assess your lawn for dead spots, fungus, molds, excess moisture, and pests.

Fertilize Your Lawn

During the winter months your lawn relies on a reserve of nutrients to survive. As your grass and other landscaping comes out of dormancy, it is starving to replenish its nutrient supply. By properly fertilizing your lawn in the spring, you are giving it access to the vital nutrients necessary to fully thrive in the coming months.

Break Out That Lawn Mower

It’s time to dust off that lawn mower and kick it back into gear! Be sure to review the proper safety procedures for your lawn mower so you can ensure it is properly tuned with a sharpened blade. Avoid removing grass clippings from your lawn after mowing. It may appear off-putting at first, but leaving these clippings in place on your lawn can prevent live grass from drying out and restore nutrients.

Get Your Weeds Under Control

If you don’t want to deal with pesky weeds all summer, consider treating your lawn with pre-emergents. This will help prevent the growth of crabgrass and similar weeds. Well-maintained mulch beds and regular mowing will also aid in the prevention of weed growth.

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