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4 Winter Landscaping Ideas

4 Winter Landscaping Ideas

Use two evergreens as anchors for your winter landscaping ideas, and then use the rest of that space to build something magical.

Here in Maryland, it hasn’t started snowing yet. Still, you should be ready for when it does finally fall. In the meantime, here are some ideas for how to landscape around your home and take advantage of natural and structural beauty! 

Think About Tree Bark 

Even though their leaves are falling off, there is still time to consider the condition of your trees. Some trees are purely ornamental, which means that you can turn them into a canvas for your latest work of art. Finding unusual ways to boost your curb appeal this winter doesn’t need to be an uphill struggle. Dogwood and birch trees can add color and texture to your home’s existing landscape. 

Add More Berries 

Many people typically associate berries with summertime. Cultivating winterberries can also add another splash of color into your landscape so it isn’t only ice, snow, and stone. Crabapples and holly are particularly attractive. 

Add Evergreens 

Evergreens can withstand the chilly temperatures that fall and winter bring with them. Despite their name, evergreens can also be yellow (gold thread false Cypress), blue (dwarf blue spruce), or almost any other color you can imagine. Plus, these trees can draw the eye of your visitors no matter what season it is. Using two evergreens as anchors for your winter landscape, and then use the rest of that space to build something magical. In every new garden bed or yard, you can use evergreens to help it look better than ever before! 

Add Some Hardscapes  

Don’t forget about the hardscape elements of your property! Take some time to decide what is missing from your current landscape design – while you might not need any more foliage, you could use something a bit more durable. Trellises, benches, arbors and garden statues and sculptures can all help make a difference. Have you always wanted a koi pond? Well, go ahead and figure out how to add one to your existing landscape! 

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