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5 Helpful Tips For Lawn Fertilization

5 Helpful Tips for Lawn Fertilization
Lawn fertilizers can be poisonous if ingested, inhaled, or come into direct contact with bare skin.

Proper lawn fertilization is an essential lawn care practice that results in healthy and nice-looking turf. Just like any other green plant, lawns require macro and micronutrients to carry out plant functions efficiently. Since turf is shallow-rooted, it will compete for minerals at the topsoil leading to their depletion. This means you will need to fertilize your lawn once in a while. Now, when applying the lawn fertilizer, you should ensure that you spread it evenly. Here are five vital tips and best practices for adequate lawn fertilization. 

Put Your Safety First

Lawn fertilizers can be poisonous if ingested, inhaled, or come into direct contact with bare skin. Therefore, before you embark on fertilizing your lawn, ensure that you are fully protected by wearing personal protective equipment PPE. Still, on this, sweep the surplus fertilizer to prevent runoffs. 

Mow The Lawn

This is a suggestion rather than a rule. You may consider mowing your lawn to expose the soil and to avoid fertilizer wastage. 

Consider The Types Of Lawn

We have two main lawn types; warm-season turf and cold-season turf. Each of the two types of grass has different fertilization timelines. For example, warm-season turf is best fertilized in late spring and early summer, while cold season lawn is favored by fertilization in fall. 

Use The Appropriate Spreader

Depending on the extensiveness of the area that you intend to fertilize, you can choose either rotary, drop, or handheld spreader. 

  • Rotary/broadcast spreaders are appropriate for fertilizing vast lawn areas. 
  • Drop spreaders are slightly costly and provide regulated fertilizing. 
  • Handheld spreaders are used to spread fertilizers over small lawn areas.

Apply The Fertilizers In Correct Measurements

Read and stick to the manufacturer’s application guidelines. For example, when you apply very little fertilizer, the grass doesn’t get sufficient nutrients that warrant good health. On the other hand, excessive lawn fertilization results in fast grass growth. Moreover, unused fertilizer can be harmful to the surrounding.

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