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5 Spring Lawn Care Tips


Make sure your lawn looks its best with these spring lawn care tips!

Spring is officially here, do you know what that means? Your lawn is getting ready to emerge from dormancy after a harsh East Coast winter! Year-round lawn care and treatment is the best way to keep your lawn healthy. Atlantic Maintenance Group is here with five spring lawn care tips that are especially important this time of year.

Assess Your Lawn for Diseases and Pests

As your lawn comes out of dormancy in springtime, the grass is particularly vulnerable. Heavy snowfall, ice, and chemicals could have damaged your lawn in the winter months. Grubs, moles, and other pests are also known to wreak havoc on lawns. It is best to hire a professional landscaper to assess your lawn for various molds or lawn diseases like dead spots.

Fertilize Your Lawn This Spring

Spring lawn fertilization helps to replenish vital nutrients your lawn was depleted of during the winter months. Fertilize your lawn this spring to aid a healthier growth for incoming grass and surrounding landscaping.

Mow Your Lawn This Spring

Before you know it, mowing season will be in full swing. You should ensure that your mower is properly tuned and its blade properly sharpened. Surprisingly, allowing grass clippings to remain on your lawn after you have finished mowing is beneficial to your yard. This is called grasscycling, and the clippings provide your lawn with essential nutrients it needs to prevent drying out.

Prevent Weeding Issues

You should treat your lawn with pre-emergents to prevent the pesky growth of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Proper maintenance of mulch beds, regular mowing, and regular weeding will help you gain weeding control.

Test Your Soil

You should get the soil in your lawn tested by a professional to determine its pH level. If your soil is in poor condition, it is less likely to support successful growth of your lawn, shrubs, trees, and more. A professional will be able to use the results to identify what compound of fertilizers will produce optimal soil conditions.

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