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6 Trees You Can Plant to Create Shade

6 Trees You Can Plant to Create Shade

Adding trees to your landscaping comes with a wide range of benefits.

Adding trees to your landscaping comes with a wide range of benefits. Adding trees helps to bring a dynamic look to your landscape. They create variation in shape, color, and height that add to a strong visual presentation. Additionally, they can add much-needed shade to your yard and home. Having trees nearby helps to improve air quality and make your space cooler, both due to the overhanging leaves and their natural ability to produce oxygen. When it comes to choosing a tree for its shade providing properties and growing capabilities, you will want to do your research. Not every tree will do well in each condition and climate. Working with trained professionals, like Atlantic Maintenance Group, can help you find the perfect match.

Paper Birch

If you’re looking for a tree that will add beauty and drama to your landscape year round, the paper birch may be calling to you. These slender trees offer bright green leaves that change to vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow; but what really stands out is the bark. With their white bark, they’re stunning season to season but are exceptionally dynamic in the snow.

Hybrid Poplars

If you need shade fast and can’t wait 30 years for a tree to mature, a hybrid poplar may be for you. These quick growing trees grow up to eight feet in a year and reach full size or 40-50 feet within about six years. Because they are a hybrid the offer options that do well in a variety of climates. They all create a fluffy, cotton-like seed that can create quite a mess, so be warned.

Northern Catalpa

This tree offers a unique blend of tree and flower. As they grow they create a leafy, full canopy of broad leaves perfect for shade. The most charming feature of this tree has nothing to do with the leaves and instead is due to its ornate, orchid-like flowers that make it a showstopper.


If you’re looking for a large tree with plenty of personality, a sorrel may be just what you need. With a height range of up to 75 feet, these aren’t an excellent option for near power lines or rooftops. That said, they create intense shade and will change to a stunning shade of deep red in the fall.

American Sycamore

Like the birch tree, American Sycamores offer stunning bark that looks great no matter the season. In winter it can help keep your landscape from looking too bland. In spring, these giants grow up to 70 feet and feature ambling branches with extensive shade coverage.

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