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A Professional Painter Will Do the Job Right


Entrust your exterior painting job to a professional – you’ll be glad you did!

Have you been thinking about a new paint job for your home exterior? Falling temperatures mean the ideal time for new exterior painting is coming. You may think that you could save some money by doing the job yourself. Did you know that, on average, 1 in 5 people who start painting the exterior of their home end up calling a professional to finish the job? Saving money may be the only reason to go DIY. Here are reasons why you should turn to a professional painter at the start.

Painting a House is Time-Consuming

You have a busy life, and sometimes that life can get in the way of your exterior house painting. One homeowner with a full-time job may end up taking a month to complete the project. On the other hand, a professional painter will be able to focus on the job and complete it in a much shorter period of time.

Professional Painters Work Safely

With a professional doing the job, you won’t have to subject yourself to the dangers inherent in painting your home. Naturally, the biggest danger is the heights involved and accidents with step-ladders are common if you aren’t careful. If your home has leaded paint, a professional will be able to take precautions which a DIYer may not consider.

The Right Stuff

Professional painters have the experience to know the proper tools for a given job. They can assess your home to determine the right type of paint to use. They can use the highest quality paint available to ensure your home looks great for years to come. A set of professional quality paint brushes and other application tools would be very expensive for a homeowner to buy. Finally, as anyone who has ever painted knows, the act of painting is easy, but making it look great is tough. Professionals will be able to make it look great every single time.

Want A Professional Painter for Your Maryland House Painting?

Call Atlantic Maintenance! We do a lot at the Atlantic Maintenance Group, but painting is one of our specialties. We do interior as well as exterior painting and are careful to make sure that everything looks exactly as it did when we got there once we’re done – except for the exterior of your home, which will be new and improved. When you’re ready to give your home a facelift with the guaranteed quality unique to hiring a professional painter, give us a call at 410.768.4720 or visit the website today to get your free quote!
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