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Advantages of Mulch in Your Home or Business Landscape

atlantic maintenance group mulch in your home or business

Let’s explore the advantages of mulch in your home or business landscape.

A brand-new garden that has been freshly mulched appears fantastic. That is probably why most people purchase mulch and spread it. But do we know what we are doing and why? The benefits of mulch are vital to residential and commercial landscaping for overall health and long-term plant growth. Let’s explore the advantages of mulch in your home or business landscape.

Significance of Mulch

The main function of mulch in garden beds is to minimize invasive weeds and reduce washouts due to rain. When bare dirt or soil is exposed, it’s vulnerable to weeds taking root. Also, rainwater can entirely wash out the planting soil in the garden. By spreading a thin layer of mulch, the severity and frequency are reduced.

In addition, other advantages of mulch in your home or business landscape include moisture retention, protection for roots from temperature extremes, and additional nutrients when the mulch decomposes.

Proper Amount of Mulch

Mulch should be used to cover exposed dirt around plants for erosion control and weed reduction. However, the most prevalent mistake when using mulch is spreading too thick or thin around the plants or trees. Again, the purpose of mulch is to reduce weed growth and conserve moisture.

If you spread the mulch too thin in the garden, weeds will quickly move in and become a hassle. If applied too thick, the mulch can restrict the natural growth of perennials. In contrast, you may use less mulch in your home or business when doing a mulch refresh for existing beds or a little more depending on the various plants being used.


Ultimately, the goal is to no longer mulch when the plants in your garden beds have grown, and the amount of bare dirt in the garden is minimal. With so many different types, materials, and colors, the chance to finish those gardens around your home or business should be simple.

In addition, mulch may be the cherry on top of brand-new landscaping, improving a garden’s visual appeal. However, the environmental benefits are more critical to the health and longevity of your garden.

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