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All About Mulch!

Mulch is essential for keeping your plants and trees healthy, especially in the summer heat!
Mulch is essential for keeping your plants and trees healthy, especially in the summer heat! 

How much do you know about mulch? Chances are good that you probably don’t think about mulch that much. There’s actually plenty to know about mulch, and it’s incredibly beneficial. If you’re curious, just keep reading!

What Is It?

At its base level, mulch can be organic or inorganic. We bet you didn’t know that! It’s added to the soil in a garden bed or it’s used in landscape design. There’s a huge variety when it comes to the types of mulch you can use, but there isn’t a single type that can solve all of your problems; this means you might want to look into using a mulch blend of several different types. For example, here are some organic types: bark, compost, lawn clippings, shredded leaves, and straw. There are also inorganic types, such as landscape fabric and stones. 


For one thing, mulch helps make your landscape look better. That’s not its only benefit, though! It also helps boost moisture retention, along with controlling weeds, stopping soil erosion, adds to the nutrition of the soil, controls troublesome lawn pests, draws earthworms, and also repel fleas, ticks, and gnats. This last benefit comes with a catch though – it only does this if you use cedar, cypress, or pine wood.

How to Maintain It

Yes, you’ve got to maintain your mulch. Put it down in layers of 1-3 inches thick. Doing this helps increase oxygen transmission and stop potential rot from happening. You should also leave some space between the base of trees and plants to discourage disease and rot that could ruin your landscape. After installation, be sure to water wood or bark mulch. Add more nitrogen to the soil before putting down wood mulch, since you might lose it as mulch and other organic materials begin to break down and decompose.

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