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Alternatives to Turf to Enhance Heavily Shaded Areas on Your Delaware Home

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There are alternatives to turf you can use to improve the health and appearance of your landscape.

Oh no! The turf in shaded areas of your Delaware Home is dying out. No matter how much you try, the grass doesn’t want to grow in the heavily shaded portions of your landscape. Fortunately, there are alternatives to turf you can use to improve the health and appearance of your Delaware landscape. 

The Tree Always Gets the Nutrients

Significant, mature trees have deep, vast root systems that disrupt successful turf growth. The tree usually wins and will suck all the moisture and nutrients from the soil. Also, turf planted near or under trees receive generally less sunlight. So, replace grass in the shade and consider using mulch under the tree’s drip line.

How About Groundcovers?

In addition, consider planting groundcover near trees that can do well with low sunlight. It’s best to start developing them while trees are younger. This will reduce the chances of tree roots competing with plants as they are growing.  

Moreover, some homeowners prefer groundcover to pine mulch because mulch must be replaced yearly. On the other hand, groundcovers are a one-time planting investment with minimum maintenance. It’s essential to analyze the lifetime cost of your choice when it comes to landscaping decisions.  

Using Fescue Turf

Another option for turf is plant fescue. This excellent type of turf will do well in shaded areas. However, you must maintain the whole lawn consistently. A patchy look is not visually pleasing. You can complete regular aeration and overseeding to encourage growth in shaded areas. You can also lay down sod or reseed the dead area to repair damaged areas.

Keep in mind that your fescue turf will need yearly care, dying out during the warmer months. Also, avoid overseeding fescue in shaded areas with warm-season grass because warm-season turf, like Bermuda, prefers full sunshine. Lastly, appreciate the shady areas of your home and plant a turf alternative. There are many options to grow in large areas of your ground successfully.  

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