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Are You Ready to Spruce Up Your Virginia Curb Appeal this Spring?

atlantic maintenance group spruce up your virginia curb appeal this spring

Let’s explore some ways you can spruce up your Virginia curb appeal this spring.

Spring is prime time for house hunting, so if you plan to sell your Virginia home, you should invest in clever landscaping. Laying out an attractive setting will attract potential buyers like no other. So, are you ready to spruce up your Virginia curb appeal this spring? Let’s explore some ways you can enhance your landscaping.

Begin with a Plan

Before you throw flowers and plants into the backyard, you need a plan. A strong aesthetic will benefit you the most in this scenario. So, start with your home’s design. Is your home Victorian or rustic? Do you desire a bucolic look or a sleek city look? In addition, make sure your design schemes complement each. You want potential buyers to experience an aesthetic journey through the house and yard, so ensure it’s complete.

Focus on the Important Spots

Spruce up your Virginia curb appeal this spring by focusing on the spots to boost curb appeal. These focal points are the first thing your potential buyers will notice when they view your home. Creating a focal point in the landscape is easy as long as you understand how to define your space and direct the attention to the designated feature.

If you have one, begin with your patio. Potential buyers will be intrigued by an outdoor living space. So, make it look nice if you have one. Additionally, plant some flowers around the edges, preferably ones that don’t attract too many bees.

Keep Your Landscaping Green

Ensure your landscaping efforts don’t detract from the lawn. Every yard must have a significant patch of grass so that the home residents can enjoy it. In particular, dogs and children will appreciate the extra space to play ball. Otherwise, your yard becomes unappealing and unusable with too many plants or bushes. So, make sure to utilize some moderation.

Are you ready to spruce up your Virginia curb appeal? Our landscaping professionals have years of experience and the latest equipment and styles. If you have any questions about landscaping, contact us today at 410-768-4720.

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