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The Basics of Planning Out a Low Maintenance Landscape

Low Maintenance Landscape

Want a nice, low maintenance landscape that will be a pleasure to take care of? Learn some tips here!

While some people take great joy in maintaining their yard’s landscaping and hardscaping, others want all of the bang with as little of the buck as possible. Planning out a low maintenance landscape is easier than you think, and here are some of our favorite tips.

Check What You Have

Before you can research the best low maintenance landscape options for your yard, you need to know what conditions there are. Complete a site analysis with a skilled landscaping company to survey what conditions are currently present in your yard. What soils are present? What vegetation exists in the area? Are there structural elements in your yard that you plan on keeping? What does the surrounding environment look like? Are you in a neighborhood with other homes or set back from the road in your own little world? All of these will have an effect on what a low maintenance landscape looks like for you.

Plan It Out

Proper planning is critical when it comes to making a low maintenance landscape. Everything that you do should be designed to go with the flow of your land and what you have, if possible. Keep in mind that any major changes will require a good deal of extra effort in the first few weeks, months, and years until your land adjusts. Low maintenance landscaping isn’t always the same as flipping a switch, so be prepared to put in a little extra work up front to reap the long term benefits.

Use the Best Practices

Last but not least, research what the best practices are for your area. What soil do you have? What native plants could you incorporate into your yard? What works for someone online in another part of the country won’t necessarily work for you, so work with a professional to identify the best practices for your low maintenance landscape.

Spring Landscaping Care from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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