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Blizzard Warning! Do You Have a Snow Removal Plan?

Snow removal is imperative  for the safety of our fellow people.

Snow removal is imperative for the safety of our fellow people.

It’s happening, Maryland! To make up for our particularly warm winter, It seems as though our first real snowfall of the season is going to produce major accumulation. If you forgot snow existed for a moment there, we don’t blame you. But Maryland and many states in the Mid-Atlantic are facing a potential blizzard! Do you plan to shovel? Are you going to hire a professional for efficient and effective snow removal? Do you even have a snow removal plan?


Parking Lot Snow Removal

Parking lots can become unmanageable rapidly in the face of a winter storm if they are not treated properly, and quickly. It is best to get an efficient and effective snow removal and maintenance plan in place – sooner rather than later. It is of utmost importance that you do not let snow pile up in handicap parking areas or walkways. Clearing snow as soon as possible will increase the safety of the people on your property. It will also increase the longevity of your pavement by preventing new cracks and worsened potholes from appearing.


Road and Sidewalk Snow Removal

Each city that experiences winter weather has specific guidelines for the pace at which snow must be removed from sidewalks and private roads. These are law-abiding instructions for residential and non-residential properties.


Salting and Ice Melting

Sodium chloride (salt) is derived from mined rock salt that is crushed up. it also serves as a de-icing tool to assist in melting ice and snow. De-icing is an important part of your snow removal plan, but if it is colder than 10 degrees, don’t expect it to be as effective.


Snow Relocation

Have you ever seen those large mountains of plowed snow that often accumulate in parking lots and similar areas? When snow blankets the ground, it is going to result in an excessive pile. The Atlantic Maintenance Group is equipped to handle snow removal and relocation!



For basic residential snow removal, use a shovel when you can. Plastic shovels are safer than sharp edges shovels when it comes to caring for your pavement walkway or deck. Proceed with caution, as intense shoveling is known to be uncomfortable and in some cases cause injury.


For More Information On Snow Removal, Contact Atlantic Maintenance Group Today!

Mother nature can wreak havoc on asphalt, making highly trafficked areas unusable due to potholes and cracks and heavily damaging your property. Expert advice, installation, and care is key in maintaining the integrity of asphalt year round, but especially during the harsh winter.

The Atlantic Maintenance Group offers quality landscape, asphalt, snow removal and concrete maintenance services. We have the expertise to help meet all of your needs.

Click here for a free quote today, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website to start planning for your commercial snow removal needs. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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