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Caring for Your Trees in the Winter

Caring for Your Trees in the Winter

There are some essential steps you should be taking this winter to make sure your trees stay healthy for years to come.

Seasonal management for your landscaping can be overwhelming. After all, the long-term health and beauty of your trees, gardens, and lawn depend on the right care and maintenance year-round. But where do you start? There are some essential steps you should be taking this winter to make sure your trees stay healthy for years to come. Home gardeners and professionals alike should focus on pruning, mulching, storm damage recovery, and even snow removal when it comes to keeping landscaping healthy through the harsh winter weather. Follow our helpful guide to caring for your trees in the winter.


Pruning your trees regularly and carefully will keep them healthy and looking beautiful throughout their long life. But pruning becomes an especially important step in the winter, even if your trees and shrubs are among the most hearty winter plants. When the leaves fall, it becomes easier to evaluate the structure of your tree and prune to promote your tree’s health. Plus, getting rid of unhealthy branches can help you avoid falling branches when winter storms bring snow and ice buildup. The winter weather can cause dangerous treefall, so be sure to call a professional for winter pruning if any of your trees are particularly large and tall.


You may think of mulching as a spring gardening project, but winter mulching can greatly benefit your trees. Mulch will help hold on to moisture in the soil around your trees, which can help combat soil erosion that can ruin your landscape. Soil erosion can deplete your lawn of important nutrients, resulting in bare patches and difficulty planting. By mulching in the winter, you can help raise the temperature of your soil, improve the soil’s nutrient levels, and promote the health of your trees.

Storm Damage Recovery

Finally, storm damage recovery is important to keep in mind when caring for your trees in the winter. Since winter storms can break off branches of your trees or even knock them over entirely, winter weather runs the risk of damaging power lines, fences, and even your roof. Be prepared for emergency services by pruning your trees, especially large and tall ones. It’s also smart to have a good landscaping maintenance professional on hand in case of any emergency tree removal needs that may occur during the winter.

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