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Commercial Landscaping Goals

Commercial Landscaping Goals

Use your commercial landscaping design to enhance the appeal and growth of your business.

The way the exterior of your business functions is just as important as the flow of the interior layout. Use your commercial landscaping design to enhance the appeal and growth of your business. Here are some goals you can keep in mind when designing or updating your commercial landscape.

Your Message

You often hear about how your colors, logo, slogans, and other graphics are all a part of your brand identity, but your commercial facility itself is an extension of that brand as well. You can use your commercial landscape to further extend the reach of your brand. For example, if you want your business to convey a message of healing, sustainable, and calming energy, use your landscape to tell that story with comforting features like a flowing water feature. If you want to express a message of lively energy, use LED lighting to enhance the excitement.

Customer Engagement

Make your landscape a part of the overall experience that your customers have they’re on the premises. You can use commercial landscaping features to encourage your customers to stay longer. Incorporate walking paths, benches, and even artwork that allow your customers to be and feel more engaged with your business. You can even create an outdoor lounge area so that your customers can enjoy your products or services right there in your commercial space.

Traffic Flow

Controlling the flow of traffic is important for safety and crowd control purposes. Use elements of your landscape design to seamlessly and stylishly direct customers in the way they should go to enter and exit your commercial space. A creative example is a shrub cut into the shape of an arrow to direct traffic. Many people use painted arrows on the ground to direct customers to the parking area and toward the exit. Another great way to solve this issue is with stone masonry, which will also add unique dimension to your landscape design.

Customer Appeal

Use your landscape design to attract new customers. It’s not uncommon, especially in a shopping strip, for people to be walking by and be attracted to your business because of its exterior. Creating a welcoming and intriguing design that will make potential customers curious about what you have to offer. Keep your landscape well maintained, inviting, and interesting.

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