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Commercial Landscaping: When is the Right Time to Perform Aeration on Your Lawn?

atlantic maintenance group perform aeration on your lawn

The main reason you perform aeration on your lawn is to ease soil compaction.

To accomplish and keep your commercial property looking good, you need to perform aeration on your lawn. But when is the right time? Let’s go over the aeration process, its importance, and when you should aerate your yard. 

The Importance of Aeration

Turf aeration allows us to use unique, heavy-duty equipment to penetrate the soil with many small holes and pull out worm-like cores of soil (or plugs). While aeration typically takes several hours to complete, the plugs last two weeks to break down and come back to the ground. Moreover, mowing your grass can help accelerate the process

Aeration Relieves Soil Compaction

Furthermore, the main reason you perform aeration on your lawn is to ease soil compaction. Typically, the turf may weaken or demonstrate signs of stress in hot weather. Also, the turf is prone to forming brown patches and unpleasant spots. 

Moreover, the soil can harden as a result of the summer heat. All of this soil compaction provides the soil with a hard exterior. You know when aeration has been performed when you dug your hand into fresh loose topsoil. Plus, the plants have an easier time developing. On the other hand, soil compaction doesn’t allow the plant roots to spread out.

The Ideal Time to Perform Aeration on Your Lawn

Ideally, the Fall season is an excellent time to perform aeration on your lawn. Aeration produces this airiness in the soil that develops thick grass. In addition, the summer months are recommended to aerate warm-season lawns. Plus, avoid aeration when a lawn is inactive. You should perform aeration on your lawn only when grasses are growing.  

Additionally, the most crucial condition that can impact the quality of aerating your lawn is the amount of moisture within the soil. Your yard has to be moist for the times to enter into the ground. Also, wait until after rainfall or pour a half-inch of water onto your lawn before trying to aerate it.

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