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Commercial Tree Services: Prepare Your Trees This Springtime

atlantic maintenance group Commercial Tree Services

Large trees need special equipment for safe and effective pruning, so hiring commercial tree services from Atlantic Maintenance Group is ideal.

Springtime is when trees become active again after being dormant for several months. During this time, the trees have been exposed to harsh weather and debris accumulation. So, they need extra care to return to their original condition and prepare for the new season. Whether you hire Atlantic Maintenance Group for commercial tree services or care for them yourself, here are some things you need to do to prepare your trees this springtime.

Pruning in the Spring

Large trees need special equipment for safe and effective pruning, so hiring commercial tree services from Atlantic Maintenance Group is ideal. However, you can prune smaller trees by eliminating dead or diseased branches. You can also remove those that rub against each other or go over the house’s roof.

For many trees, pruning in the springtime is beneficial due to fewer bugs and a lower risk of disease. If you prune your trees yourself, it’s also easier to see what you’re doing because fewer leaves exist. In addition, trees that bloom in the spring must not be pruned until later.

Clear Out Any Remaining Debris

Months of rain and snow might have brought dead leaves and sticks to the base of your trees. This must be cleared away to enable the tree roots to breathe and to simplify the other preparation tasks you must do. Additionally, rake away the accumulated debris and pull up weeds that might develop around the tree’s base. If you need commercial tree services, talk to one of our experts at 410-768-4720.

Water Your Trees

As the weather becomes warmer, the water in the ground evaporates. This might not leave enough hydration for your trees, which have been dormant without moisture for multiple months. Therefore, it’s ideal for watering your trees to strengthen them for spring.

Remember that watering trees differs from watering other plants. Rather than watering them frequently as you water your garden, water the trees deeply to soak the roots thoroughly. Plus, give them plenty of time to absorb it before moisturizing again.

Mulch is Crucial for Tree Preparation

Mulch is made from inorganic materials or organic materials like grass clippings, wood chips, or straw. For your trees, you may want organic mulch because it will add helpful nutrients to the soil. In addition, mulch brings the following benefits to your trees:

  • Mulch protects the tree roots from lawnmower damage
  • It prevents the weeds from developing around the base
  • Assists in avoiding a runoff by keeping the tree from retaining moisture

Consequently, mulching is critical in preparing trees for spring.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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