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Common Summer Tree Problems Besides Heat

atlantic maintenance group Common Summer Tree Problems

This article discusses the common summer tree problems and how to manage and even prevent them.

Did you know that heat is not the only factor that harms trees in the summertime? In fact, not everyone knows that summer is one of the most damaging times of year for trees. Pests, heat stress, disease, and more are common summer tree problems. So, it’s essential to understand the dangers that summer poses to protect your trees. This article discusses the common summer tree problems and how to manage and even prevent them.

Pests & Diseases

Pests and diseases are one of the common summer tree problems. Insects such as scale and aphids can harm trees, and diseases like mildew are also prevalent. To combat these problems, inspecting your trees regularly and being proactive at the first sign of trouble is critical. Fortunately, the tree experts at Atlantic Maintenance Group can diagnose, eliminate, and or treat the necessary problems to help protect your plants and trees and ensure safety on your property.

Heat Stress

Apart from pests and disease, heat stress is among the common summer tree problems. Also, heat provokes leaves to lose moisture, leading to drooping and leaf scorch. So, taking action immediately is crucial if you notice any of these tree symptoms. In addition, heat-stressed trees are more prone to lasting harm and even death, so please attempt to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

One method of doing this is by watering your trees thoroughly and regularly during the summer months. Another way is to provide them with shade through other trees or shading cloth.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction happens when the soil around your trees is too compressed. This makes it difficult for roots to spread and distribute water and nutrients. In addition, heavy rain or irrigation often causes this problem during the summer months. It can also be an effect of high foot traffic.

If you notice that your trees are experiencing soil compaction, aeration might be necessary. This process involves poking holes in the compacted soil to enable air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. Make sure to inspect signs of soil compaction in your trees, such as slow growth, wood insect infestations, and yellowing leaves.

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