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Creating Eye-Catching Landscaping in a Small Space

Creating Eye-Catching Landscaping in a Small Space

Even small spaces can stand out as a great place to relax or entertain with the right landscape design.

When it comes to smaller yards and gardens, you may find yourself going crazy trying to fit all your dream landscaping into a smaller space. But you don’t need to stress about overfilling a small space in order to create lovely, eye-catching landscaping. Even small spaces can stand out as a great place to relax or entertain with the right landscape design. Here are our tips for creating eye-catching landscaping in a small space.

Consider Your Space

Right from the start, you’ll want to consider the space you have. Measure your fencing, lawn space, property lines, and even trees to make sure you can really maximize the landscape design in your small space. This is also when you should be thinking about your property’s needs. By starting with function and solving structural problems at this stage, you can make the most of your space.

Set the Flow

Before building any structures or planting any gardens, make sure you plan out how you want the space to flow. Will you want a walkway around the space or plan a path out to a small patio? Consider any existing trees, rocky areas, and more at this stage.

Plan Around Structural Elements

It’s important to organize a small outdoor space around any hardscaping or other landscaping features you may have or hardscaping you want to build. If you’re building a patio in a small outdoor space, it’s important to plan your landscape design to prevent the patio from feeling cramped. This will help you create the perfect space to entertain, even in a smaller yard. When it comes to selecting building materials for your structures in a small yard, don’t be afraid to go with a high-end material like natural stone. In a small space, these choices can make all the difference.

Think Vertically

Your dream garden doesn’t have to be cramped in a small space. Think vertically when it comes to plants–make the most of hanging planters, and climbing plants on fencing or a pergola. Try incorporating a lattice along your home’s wall to add some valuable surface area for beautiful climbing plants.

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