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Why Dead Tree Removal is Important

atlantic maintenance group tree removal
Having tree removal done of dead trees is very important to keep your surroundings safe.

Normally, we love our trees. They are not only beautiful for the surrounding environment, but they are good for the Earth, a renewable resource, and they bring some much-needed natural shade in the hot summer months. However, trees are living beings as much as people are, and they too will eventually die. Plants can succumb to disease, poor water quality, pest infestation, or even old age. While trees are naturally resistant on some levels, too much will overpower them, and they will die. Dead trees are not just an unsightly eyesore; they actually pose quite a few dangers not only to properties but also to physical safety. Here’s why tree removal of dead trees should be a priority for any nearby property owner.

Safety Hazards of Dead Trees

If a tree is nearing the end of its life, its trunk and branches will begin to become brittle and weak, and the roots loosen up in the ground. This means that the tree is much more likely to snap or break during a storm or period of high wind, which is not only highly dangerous for property, but the surrounding people and wildlife as well. It is impossible to determine when or how a dead tree will fall or break, so complete tree removal is the best option before it is too late. 

Pests Love Dead Trees

One of the absolute worst nightmares of any property owner is a pest infestation of any kind, but especially those that can physically damage the property or lawn. Unfortunately, dead trees are a bug and fungus favorite place to grow and start families. Spiders, roaches, termites, mold, and even rats will start to thrive inside of dead trees. Depending on how close the dead tree is to your property, those families may start to branch out into other locations, like your property. Make sure to call a tree removal service as soon as possible to prevent the critters from getting to it first. 

Poor Property Value

One of the worst things about a dead tree, and certainly the most noticeable, is its appearance. A dead tree is the same as any other rotting plant; it’s ugly and smells not so good. No longer does the tree offer any sort of benefit since its shade and environmental value went with it. Every property owner puts pride in their landscaping, but a dead tree will, unfortunately, become the first thing people notice upon visiting the property. You can avoid this problem completely by completing dead tree removal or calling a tree removal service like Atlantic Maintenance Group. 

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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