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Dealing with Wasps in your Landscaping


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Wasps can ruin your landscaping.

Beautiful flowers usually bring a host bees into your yard, but sometimes predatory bugs like wasps will come along as well. Now, these wasps are actually helpful in some ways. They are great for pollination and killing other irritating bugs, but we understand that their presence is not necessarily welcome in your landscaping. They can limit the way you use an outdoor patio or whether or not you let your kids play freely. So, today we’re going to be talking about how you can get rid of wasps when they become a problem. Are you ready to learn more? Well, let’s do it!

Deterring wasps will save your landscaping.

To deter the wasps, you need to make your landscaping less attractive to them. You should make sure your garbage cans are being properly sealed so that they cannot get into the trash beneath. This will also help keep raccoons and other critters away from your yard as well. If you have a fruit tree, then you should clean up the fallen fruit regularly because the sweetness attracts wasps.

Getting rid of an existing problem.

In the event that you already have wasps congregating in your yard, you’ll need to learn how to kill them. First, you should figure out what kind of wasp you are dealing with. Yellow Jackets like to nest in the ground, and they’re pretty aggressive. So, please be careful if you think you’re seeing a lot of these little guys flying around because you wouldn’t want to step on one of their nests. Paper wasps like to build their nests underneath awnings or in trees, so they’re a bit more noticeable. Now what you need to do, once you find the nest, is get rid of them. If you think the wasps are too aggressive for you to get rid of, then call professionals. If you think you can handle the situation, then you can use a wasp killing spray. If the nest is hanging, then wrap it in a trash bug and then cut it down. Tie it up tight and then leave it in the hot sun or freeze it to kill the wasps.

Do you have more questions about wasps? We can help!

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