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Does Your Parking Lot Need New Line Striping?

Does Your Parking Lot Need New Line Striping?
Keep an eye out for these signs that your lot needs new line striping, whether it’s repainting the existing lines or creating a new striping design.

A critical aspect of keeping a well-maintained asphalt or concrete parking lot is having new line striping repainted as necessary. Sure, an obvious way to tell your lot needs new line striping is seeing that your previous stripes have faded from the wear-and-tear. However, you could be overlooking some other subtle and not so subtle signs that your commercial parking lot could benefit from new line striping. Keep an eye out for these signs that your lot needs new line striping, whether it’s repainting the existing lines or creating a new striping design.

Notice More Chaos

Have you seen more instances of drivers cutting across your lot by driving over spots designated for parking? This type of erratic driving behavior can come about when there aren’t clear indications for where in the lane — marked by parking lines and spaces — people are supposed to be driving to get from point A to point B. In this case, drivers can both purposefully or inadvertently ignore the intended traffic rules of your parking lot if the lines marking up your parking lot aren’t clear. New line striping can help bring back more order and, more importantly, bring back more sense of safety.

Poor Parking Jobs

If drivers don’t have clear parking spaces, they are less inclined to be careful or precise with their parking jobs. If you have multiple faded sets of parking lines in your lot, that can create even more disastrous results. Not only does this confuse drivers trying to park safely and correctly, but it reduces the space efficiency of how many customers your parking lot can accommodate.

Cracked and Crumbling Surface

Certainly, if you have your cracked and crumbling parking lot surface repaired or replaced, then you will need new line striping to redefine the parking spaces. Take the opportunity of fixing up your asphalt or concrete parking lot to reevaluate if your parking space needs sprucing up or redesigning.

Handicap Spots Aren’t Obvious

In most cases, people without disabilities or not driving someone with a disability would not take the handicap parking spots if they don’t need it. However, there are some people who may accidentally use the space if they aren’t aware it’s a reserved space for handicapped parking. To prevent those folks from accidentally breaking the law or inconveniencing your other visitors, just have new line striping services clearly redefine the parking spaces.

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