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Effective Strategies on Caring for Your Grass During Wintertime

atlantic maintenance group caring for your grass

This article includes ways of caring for your grass during wintertime.

Most of us don’t provide the care and attention our grass deserves in the winter as it does in the spring, summer, or fall. And that is fine since it doesn’t require much attention. However, this doesn’t signify that you must let it go completely. This article includes ways of caring for your grass during wintertime.

Clean Up Your Grass

Many debris may pile up on the lawn during autumn, but leaves are the worst offender. There are numerous reasons to eliminate the leaves from the grass. Unfortunately, the lawn can suffocate if there are too many leaves. If the leaves get and stay wet, like during our past rainy fall, they can grow diseases that harm your landscape.

Otherwise, you can mulch the leaves with your lawnmower instead of racking them if they are not too wet or thick. This is so they can decay and cycle their nutrients back into the turf. Once the leaves are up, you must eliminate furniture and toys. Lastly, avoid walking on the dormant grass more than necessary since it can cause damage over time.

Salt Carefully

Rock salt and other deicing materials are critical to caring for your grass during wintertime. This is because they assist with snow and ice removal and allow others to keep their walkways safe. Since you should not be walking on the dormant grass, you need safe walkways. However, these deicing agents can harm grass, plants, and hardscaping. So, avoid using more than necessary for safety clearing your path, and don’t sweep or spray the ice-melting agents onto the grass or plants.

Aeration and Fertilization

Aerating and fertilizing must be done in early winter, sometime before the first expected frost. In addition, aerating the lawn opens up the soil, allowing the turf to breathe before it becomes dormant in the wintertime. Also, aerating eases the compaction that has built up during the rest of the year. This is also an ideal time to fertilize because you know your lawn has the nutrients it needs when winter approaches. Overall, this step is an excellent way for caring for your grass during wintertime.

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