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Fall Landscaping Checklist for Your Glen Burnie Home

atlantic maintenance group fall landscaping

Fall landscaping is crucial in ensuring that everything that grows in the coming spring is healthy and ready for anything that comes at it.

You may not think your landscaping in Glen Burnie needs attention during the fall, but that’s not the case. In fact, fall is one of the perfect times to prepare for the upcoming months and prep your yard for the growing season. Fall landscaping is crucial in ensuring that everything that grows in the coming spring is healthy and ready for anything that comes at it.

That’s because the colder temperatures slow aboveground growth, moist soil helps roots development, and removal of dead branches and heavy leaves are all critical elements of fall landscaping. Let’s explore some specific steps you can complete to get the most out of fall landscaping.

Lawn Aeration

At this time of year, rainfall has likely pooled on your grass. Now’s a good time to aerate the compressed soil, helping all that water make its way down into the roots of your lawn. If you have a smaller yard, use a simple garden fork. For bigger jobs, you may want to hire someone with a walk-behind aerator that can get the job done quickly.

Grass Feed

As part of your fall landscaping, you can start to reintroduce fertilizer. Most people stop fertilizing in late summer, preventing plants from wasting too much energy on leaf production. However, a bit of feed right before it gets cold outside will help encourage solid roots and keep your lawn looking much healthier when spring swings around again.

Final Mowing

Do one last mow for the season. This is a good idea because diseases have a more challenging time developing on short grass. It also leaves less surface area for debris like fallen leaves to latch onto. Just avoid going too low—1¼ inches should be good, but anything less will make it hard for grass to get its nutrients. 

Clean Up Leaves

Start raking up those fallen leaves. Ideally, rake them onto a plastic tarp or a compost bin. Flip leaf piles over and aerate them a bit. This will provide you with plenty of mulch to use later. Even if you don’t reuse your fallen leaves, removing them is still a good idea because it prevents them from damaging your lawn.

Plant Shrubs

By planting shrubs in the fall, you can give them a head start at developing roots in fall’s excellent, moist soil. Just dig a hole, position the shrub, fill it with soil, add some water, so everything settles, add soil to top it off, then add some mulch. Done and done.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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