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Fire Features Heat Up Your Fall Nights

fire feature, fire pit

A fire feature provides a centralized, warm place for friends and family to congregate as night falls and temperatures decrease.

Don’t abandon your backyard just because of the cool weather creeping in! If you want to get the most out of your backyard, deck, or patio, consider adding a crackling fire pit or stony fireplace to your landscaping this season. Need to be convinced? Read on to find out your options.

Fire Features Keep the Party Going

The first sign of the leaves changing color doesn’t have to herald the end of outdoor party season. A fire feature like a fire pit or fireplace allows you to prolong your outdoor fun. A fire feature provides a centralized, warm place for friends and family to congregate as night falls and temperatures decrease. Use your new fire feature as an excuse to host a party – s’mores and other campfire goodies can be cooked over a fire pit or fireplace to great effect!

Fire Features Help You Enjoy Nature

The best parts of the fall season are outside – changing leaves, crisp days, hot drinks, gorgeous pumpkins, and delicious apples. A fire feature in your backyard allows you can catch front row seats as leaves begin to change colors and birds migrate across the night skies. Your appreciation for nature doesn’t have to stop when the weather gets cold.

And for a homeowner who is eco-conscious, fire features can be built out of all-natural materials such as reclaimed stone, and can run on a variety of fuels, including biomass, propane, and even the leaves you raked up this afternoon!

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

No one wants to be sitting around a hot fire during the heat of summer! Installing a fire feature during the early fall allows you to use your new fire pit or fireplace immediately, and for several more months before the snow drives you completely inside! Additionally, getting started with the installation process during the fall helps to guarantee there won’t be any complications with the installation process. No torrential downpours or surprise snowstorms to prevent your installation.

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