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Four Landscape Pruning Tips to Accentuate Your Yard

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Having landscape pruning done at the right time can keep your plants in nice shape for longer.

Spring is in full swing in Maryland, and more and more people are spending their days outdoors. The weather is less frosty and sunnier, but with this change comes more rain. Rain is plant food and causes them to grow rapidly, and shrubs and bushes are no exception. If left unchecked for too long, a bush or shrub can totally overtake the yard! This is why it is important to periodically perform landscape pruning. Landscape pruning is essential to making your property and lawn look inviting and well kept. It also helps to keep your curb appeal up to show off to the neighbors. Here are four landscape pruning tips to help keep those shrubs shapely and sculpted.

Landscape Pruning At The Right Time

Different plants experience different growth cycles, but almost all come out of dormancy in the early spring. This means that the best time for landscape running most shrubbery and trees is in the late winter or early spring when the leaves begin to return. But make sure to research when the best time to perform landscape pruning is for each plant. For example, crepe myrtle trees are best pruned in February, but azalea flower bushes should not be trimmed until they have bloomed at least once, which usually takes place in April.

Use the Right Technique

There are four different types of landscape pruning techniques. These are:

  • pinching: removing dead buds with your fingers by pinching them off
  • Heading: A more extreme cut that takes off part of the plant stem. It’s advised to use this on only dying or damaged plants, like rose bushes or crepe myrtles. 
  • Shearing: used in trimming bushes and shrubbery into a desirable shape. 
  • Thinning: A rejuvenation method for landscape pruning that cuts off a lot of dead or dying stems to promote new stem growth.

Don’t Over-Prune!

Landscape pruning is important in upkeeping a beautiful yard, but do not overdo it. Make sure that at least 25% of the original plant remains after pruning, or else the plant can become damaged and may not grow properly or become more susceptible to pest damage.

Remove Dead Stems

If you see a stem that is dark in color or breaks easily, this likely means that the stem is in the process of dying or is already dead. This can note a sign of disease in the plant or damage, so it’s best to remove it entirely to ensure the rest of the plant remains healthy. 

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