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Mulching Your Garden: How, When and Why

atlantic maintenance group mulching services
Help make your flowers grow happy and healthy this spring with proper mulching!

April is officially here, and many consider this week to be the unofficial start of the Spring season. And Spring, as we all know, is the season of gardening. While many seasonal plants have already sprouted, you will see their blooms in full swing soon enough with the arrival of extra sunny and rainy days that Springtime brings. But, when it comes to growing lovely garden flowers, herbs or vegetables, sometimes rain and sunshine aren’t enough. That’s why mulching your garden is so good for the plants and wildlife living within the garden’s soil. If you are a new gardener, the mulching process might seem a little confusing, but learning it is easy by first coming to understand what it actually is and does. Here’s how mulch works, the best time to start mulching, and why it’s so great for your springtime garden.

Why Should I Start Mulching?

Mulch is essentially a thicker soil that contains large pieces of debris on the uppermost layer. This might sound like a bad attribute, but mulching actually has many benefits in growing gardens. Firstly, the large pieces on top of the soil deter weeds from growing in the uppermost layers. Secondly, mulch usually contains nutrients to help enhance and fertilize the soil for better plant growth in a natural way. There are two types of mulching on the market: organic or inorganic. Organic mulch is made of wood chips, straw, or sawdust, while inorganic is usually made of rubber chips. Organic mulch must be replaced more often, but it’s biodegradable.

How Should I Mulch?

The first step to mulching a garden is to thoroughly weed the garden area. When all weeds are removed, then you can begin to lay down the mulch in layers of 2-5 inches depending on how much sun the garden receives (less for shady areas, more for sunny areas.) Then make it even by using a garden rake to prevent oversaturation of mulch in certain areas, which can harm your plants. Sound too confusing? There are plenty of garden and landscaping professionals that can help with mulching services. 

When Should I Start Mulching?

While there is no official time to begin mulching, one of the best times to start is mid-spring time. Mid-April to Mid May is usually when the soil has heated up to its prime temperature for growing plants at peak bloom time. But, mulching in the fall is also a good way to add important nutrients to the soil for next Spring. 

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