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Get the Best Results with These Lawn Fertilization Tips!

Get the Best Results with These Lawn Fertilization Tips!

If you are hoping for a beautiful, lush lawn next year, you should follow the lawn fertilization tips!

When it comes to caring for grass lawns, there are two main camps: Those who want the gorgeous, lush green lawn and those that have no interest or patience for what is growing there at all (the third camp would be those who replace the property with something else like clover). If you’re in the first camp, it is crucial to understand that a beautiful and healthy lawn doesn’t happen by magic. It takes work all year long, including ensuring that the grass gets enough nutrients from the fertilizer you use. If you are hoping for a beautiful, lush lawn next year, you should follow the lawn fertilization tips!

Time It Right

There is the best time to fertilize your lawn, just like there is an ideal time to do most yard work. When soil temperatures reach around 55 degrees in the spring, you should feed the grass (fertilize it). You can invest in a soil thermometer if you want to know precisely, but a general rule of (green) thumb is that when the grass starts turning green, and the lilacs begin to blossom, the soil temperatures are suitable for fertilizing. This spring fertilizer application is the most important one of the year. Fertilizing at other times can be helpful, but make sure you get this one in. If you also want to apply fertilizer at different times, lightly fertilizing in the summer or winter can help promote growth and color when the heat or cold would otherwise cause dormancy; fertilizing in the fall and seeding can help promote germination.

Choose the Right Fertilizer

When choosing between the many different fertilizers available in the store, make sure you select one with slow-release nitrogen. This fertilizer will feed the grass more evenly over time instead of causing growth flushes. Slow-release fertilizers work over a prolonged period rather than just working for a short time after application. You should also know what the numbers on the bag mean. The three digits represent the mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A mix that is 20-5-10 is a good mix for application in the spring.

Apply It Right

Read the instructions to ensure that you are applying the correct fertilizer to your lawn. Applying a layer of fertilizer that is not enough for your yard won’t produce the results you want. Finally, try not to overspray the fertilizer onto areas that don’t need it (like walkways and driveways).

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