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Glen Burnie Winter Landscaping Pointers

atlantic maintenance group winter landscaping

Here are some winter landscaping pointers to protect your landscape.

With winter approaching soon in Glen Burnie, Maryland, it’s vital to follow some strategies to maintain your landscape in excellent condition during this season. During the winter, there are many severe conditions regarding temperature and precipitation. Here are some winter landscaping pointers to protect your landscape.

Protect Your Plants

A prevalent misconception about watering landscaping is that plants don’t need water during the winter. People might think they should focus on coverage from Maryland’s harsh winter weather instead of worrying about watering their plants. Overall, it’s up to you to ensure your plants are hydrated throughout winter to ensure they’re healthy. It’s also critical to remember that your plants can lose moisture through their leaves during this cold season.

Precipitation and high winds can trigger many problems for your plants, so one essential winter landscaping pointer is to protect your plants. Also, you can bring your potted plants inside when a bad storm approaches. In addition, you can safeguard your other plants from the elements by covering them with different materials. Remember to avoid using plastic to protect your plants since it can cause more harm than good.

Focus on Your Tree Limbs

Another winter landscaping pointer on protecting your landscape this winter is focusing on your trees’ limbs. The snow can pile up on your tree branches after a heavy snowfall. This may lead to problems with your tree limbs breaking and falling down. Besides damaging your trees’ health, falling limbs can cause serious danger to anybody who walks by.

Use Salt with Caution

Salt can be a valuable resource when experiencing a snowstorm’s impacts. It’s excellent at clearing up ice and snow, which is helpful during Glen Burnie’s winter weather events. However, you must be careful when you use salt around your landscape. Your plants can absorb the salt through their roots, leading to problems down the line. This is harmful because you may overlook the issues with your plant roots until several months later.

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