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Guide to Keeping Your Lawn Hydrated

Guide to Keeping Your Lawn Hydrated

If your lawn survived the scorching heat of summer and you’re trying to keep a lush, green lawn for as long into the season as possible, this means that you will likely have to supplement the rain to keep it hydrated.

As we move into the fall, the days start getting cooler but the rain seems to come less often as well. If your lawn survived the scorching heat of summer and you’re trying to keep a lush, green lawn for as long into the season as possible, this means that you will likely have to supplement the rain to keep your lawn hydrated. There are actually many ways to water your lawn, though some work better than others, depending on your landscaping and the time and energy you have to spare.

Built-In Irrigation

Permanent, built-in irrigation systems are the most convenient watering system but also the most expensive. They are as close to a set-it-and-forget-it as you can get: you set the timer and the system does the rest. The cost is mostly upfront because the system requires digging trenches for pipes, though there is some maintenance cost as well. They will save you time and effort, however.


This is far and away the most common method for watering lawns, a happy medium between irrigation and hand watering in terms of cost and effort. There are many different styles of sprinklers also, including stationary, impact, and oscillating. Stationary sprinklers spray water into one set area continuously, making them ideal for reaching grass around corners or behind landscape elements. Impact sprinklers spray jets of water in a circular pattern, kind of like firing a water gun while spinning around. Oscillating sprinklers spray a fan of water back and forth in an arc, covering a complete rectangle of space. They’re excellent for covering large lawns. Finally, traveling sprinklers are a sprinkler that maybe along the yard as they water – like a cross between a sprinkler and a Roomba. These are only good for large, level areas.

Hand Watering

Hand watering is the most time and labor-intensive way to hydrate your lawn. Using a gasp with a wand or sprayer attachment, you have to physically disperse the water over the lawn area. Using this method, it is very difficult to really deeply water the lawn, since most people are impatient to get the job done. If you have a large lawn, this is not a good method. However, it can be good when you are reseeding to patch bare spots with seed.

Watering Goals

Keep in mind that whatever watering method you choose, your goal is going to be the same. A heathy, lush lawn needs to be watered deeply so that it can develop deep roots. When a lawn is only watered shallowly but frequently, the root system grows shallowly and the lawn won’t be as healthy. Generally, grass needs about an inch of water per week, either as a good soaking rain or a deep watering.

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