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Have a Lush and Healthy Yard this Fall Through Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

atlantic maintenance group lawn aeration and overseeding

This blog highlights the advantages of lawn aeration and overseeding.

The most beneficial thing you can practice for your lawn in autumn to ensure a healthy yard is through lawn aeration and overseeding. Fall is ideal due to the cool air temperatures and warm soil temperatures. Aeration allows water, air, and nutrients to circulate your lawn by creating small holes in the ground. And seeding involves spreading grass seed. This blog highlights the advantages of aerating and overseeding your lawn.

Alleviate Soil Compaction

The main reason for lawn aeration and overseeding in autumn is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils include many solid particles in a particular space or volume, preventing water, air, and nutrient circulation within the soil. Unfortunately, soil compaction occurs in high-traffic areas in your home.

When the soil isn’t compacted, grass roots grow deeper, creating the perfect environment for a healthier lawn. Before you begin, ensure the soil is moist enough. Aerating after a rain shower or watering your lawn the day before is advisable.

Lawn Aeration Minimize Puddles

If you have excellent drained soil, the trapped water typically soaks in. If you have heavy clay soil, the soil underneath becomes compacted, and the problem worsens. The more water that lingers, the worse the drainage gets. Do you notice a puddle after it rains? If you don’t practice lawn aeration and overseeding, the rainwater will not be able to seep into the soil and will develop puddles across your lawn. By aerating the soil, the moisture and rain will penetrate the ground and not stay on top.

Overseeding Prevent Patches

Although your yard might appear healthy now, you may see a patchy mess when the weather heats up again. Aeration is a great way to enhance the look and health of your lawn. As a result, lawn aeration and overseeding ensure new grass is ready to fill any patchy areas.

Less Maintenance Later via Aeration

Autumn is the ideal time to complete some preparatory lawn care. If you complete lawn aeration and overseeding before winter comes, you’ll have a beautiful lawn next spring. So, get busy now so you can prepare ahead of time. Otherwise, you may call Atlantic Maintenance Group at 410-768-4720 for lawn aeration and overseeding services!

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