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Help Your Plants Survive This Winter with These Landscaping Tips

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Landscaping is critical in ensuring your plants remain alive this winter.

Landscaping is critical in ensuring your plants remain alive this winter. So, it’s in your best interest to take action now rather than later because the weather in Maryland is actively getting colder. By following these landscaping tips, you’ll be sure to have plants that are alive by the time spring approaches. Keep reading for more information!

Make Sure to Mulch

You’ll discover that laying down mulch is ideal when it goes up against harsh temperatures. This is because mulch prevents the repeated thawing and freezing of soil that plants tend to let out. So, make sure that you apply up to four inches of mulch when the ground starts to freeze. Also, avoid laying mulch near the stems and trunks of your plants. By the way, finely chopped straw, leaves, or shredded bark are great mulches.

Dig Up Tender Plants

Another landscaping tip is to dig out tender plants and store them if you choose to reuse them the following year. Unfortunately, not every plant will survive during winter time. So, doing this will help keep your plants on track to remain healthy throughout the seasonal changes.

Continue Watering Your Plants

Typically, evergreens can go through damage in the winter, even if they are not watered enough. It’s also critical to note that if you don’t keep up with watering evergreen plants, their water store might deplete. As a result, this will make them more vulnerable to death and winter burn. Overall, this typically happens when the ground begins to freeze, and the evergreen roots can no longer receive water.

Rake Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves will typically develop a dense mat that can stop sunlight from reaching the turf underneath. However, the rain showers can trigger the grass to grow when the fall season comes around. In this case, it can’t because the leaves consume it. This leaves the opportunity for snow mold to start creating in the grass.

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