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Why Should I Hire a Commercial Tree Service?

tree serviceBetter yet, what does a commercial tree service do? Rest assured, we’ll answer both of those questions. A commercial tree service takes care of trees and shrubs to make sure that they stay health and beautiful. Many times this means pruning and making sure that they have all of the nutrients that they need to grow properly. Healthy trees aren’t the only reasons that you should hire a commercial tree service, though. There are many advantages to having a commercial tree service take care of your landscaping needs.

  • Healthy trees mean a healthy Earth – If you’re part of the growing green movement, you know how important trees are for our health and the health of the planet. Trees catch and use rainwater, which helps prevent flooding. They also supply us with the majority of the oxygen we need to survive. Nurturing healthy trees can help keep the world green, safe, and healthy. A commercial tree service will help your trees and shrubs grow better for longer.
  • Save money – Believe it or not, trees that are placed in the right spots can help you save on energy costs by blocking the sun in the summer and letting light in during the winter (providing it’s a deciduous tree). Trees with full foliage can provide enough shade for you to turn the A/C way down or even off, depending on the type of Maryland summer we’re having. Healthy, well placed trees have been shown to actually save 56% on energy costs in the summer.
  • Better resale value – If you’re trying to sell your home, trees add to the resale value. You don’t just want to plop trees down, though, and never tend to them. They need to be nourished and well taken care of in order to make any kind of impression on buyers. You should also make sure that you consult with a commercial tree service to find out the best places to plant trees for energy savings as well as home safety.

If you have trees in your yard or the front lawn of your office, you should make sure that they’re maintained. Tree maintenance can ensure that your home is safe and secure from falling limbs and branches, and can also give the trees a better aesthetic value. Adding this type of curb appeal can attract more people to your business and make your home the best looking one in the neighborhood.

Atlantic Maintenance Group is a full service landscaping company, providing maintenance, design and construction, as well as snow removal, asphalt and concrete services. We are your source for complete landscape and facility maintenance for commercial and residential properties throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We are a self-performing landscaping company, meaning we don’t hire subcontractors, and senior management is involved with every project. Our highly trained team of professionals receives constant, ongoing education on the latest industry trends, updates and safety measures. This ensures we can deliver outstanding customer service and results to our clients, regardless of the size of your job.

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