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How Does Winter Weather Affect Asphalt?

cracked asphalt

Winter weather can have an adverse effect on your asphalt.

In the winter months, unpredictable and frigid weather can take a toll on asphalt. The constant freezing and thawing can lead to asphalt cracks and other damages. Many external forces can effect the integrity of asphalt and are important to consider, as they lead to the necessity of asphalt repair.

The Effects Of Cold Weather On Asphalt

Very cold and low temperatures, which are common in winter can cause asphalt to contract, which results in asphalt cracks. This weakens the asphalt significantly and reduces the life expectancy of the surface. This makes cold weather asphalt repair invaluable to maintaining the integrity of the surface.

Location, Location, Location

A professionally installed asphalt pavement surface is key to it withstanding the unique conditions of your location. Asphalt in the dry Southwest faces different challenges and requires different asphalt repair than that in the cold far north. To combat bitter winter temperatures in the Midwest, hot-mix asphalt pavement is commonly used. This specific type of pavement is engineered to hold up against the freeze-thaw cycle and is not affected by salt or other deicing agents, which removes the inconvenience of constant cold weather asphalt repair.

The Effects Of Wet Weather On Asphalt

The significant precipitation in the winter months, which often becomes freezing rain, hail, or snow, can also take a toll on asphalt. A new advancement, called porous asphalt, actually allows water to run through it, which makes roads both safer to drive on and more environmentally friendly. This asphalt can reduce flooding and allows water to return to local water tables. Porous asphalt can infiltrate as much as 70% of annual precipitation, which makes it environmentally friendly and more able to be highly functional in wet conditions.

For More Information On Asphalt That Can Withstand Cold Weather, Contact Atlantic Maintenance Group Today!

Mother nature can wreak havoc on asphalt, making highly trafficked areas unusable due to potholes and cracks and heavily damaging your property. Expert advice, installation, and care is key in maintaining the integrity of asphalt year round, bust especially during the harsh winter. Atlantic Maintenance offers quality landscape, asphalt, and concrete maintenance services. We have the expertise to help meet all of your needs.

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