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How Much Mulch Does Your Commercial Delaware Property Need in the Spring?

atlantic maintenance group commercial mulch

You may be wondering how much mulch your commercial property needs.

Spring is an excellent season to mulch the garden beds on your commercial Delaware property. It typically lasts less than a year, so pine straw must be replaced several times yearly. You may be wondering how much mulch your property will need. Let’s address this question.

Establish the Amount of Mulch You’ll Need

Do you remember when a fresh layer of mulch was put on your landscape beds? You can always add a thin 1 -1.5-inch layer to your existing mulch. This restores the color, enhances drainage, protects against erosion, and cushions the plant roots.

In addition, you will need 4 inches if you are applying more mulch on top of the soil in a new garden bed. Also, avoid putting excess mulch to prevent nutrients from arriving at the plant roots. A commercial landscaping company can inspect your landscape beds and establish the proper amount of mulch.

Determine the Type of Mulch You Want

Furthermore, there are two types of mulch for your landscape design:

  • Pinestraw: This type produces a highly porous mat over garden beds. It allows moisture to penetrate the soil and reach the roots while safeguarding against erosion. Although pinestraw maintains its color better than hardwood mulches, it is prone to rapid breakage. So, it requires constant replacement per year.
  • Hardwood Mulch: Hardwood mulches come in various colors and textures such as nuggets, mini-nuggets, chipped, shredded, or double milled. In addition, shredded mulch is commonly used in almost any garden bed. However, chips and nuggets last long and perform well near trees or play areas.

Confirm the Expense in Your Landscape Budget

Moreover, the quality and availability of mulch will affect the cost. You also need to consider durability. Pinestraw tends to break down quickly and may need replacement in spring and fall. On the other hand, hardwood mulches come in different colors, textures, and materials and only require replacement on an annual basis.  

A landscape professional can establish the square footage of the measured landscape beds and estimate the cost plus labor depending on materials and time prices.

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